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angieslist_aprilAngie’s List is a web site that allows members to review, rate, and find service companies and health professionals. Previous customers of these service providers can send reports that rate the work they did. Members can search over 500 categories for the service they want and read reviews of the businesses and professionals listed in their area.

There are no anonymous reviews, and companies and providers can’t review themselves or their competitors; however, they can respond to reports so you get the whole story.

As a member, you receive live support through a call center, discounts from high-rated companies, access to the Complaint Resolution Team, and Angie’s List magazine. The Complaint Resolution Team will intercede on your behalf if a health experience or home repair isn’t satisfactory or is going bad. The site also provides articles on different topics like how to choose a plumber, or “Medical Gag Orders.”

There is a membership fee. You can choose a monthly membership plan with Continuous Service Membership that withdraws the monthly bill directly from your credit card. You can cancel or change to an annual membership at any time by phone, e-mail, fax, or U.S. mail. The annual membership is one low cost and members receive a significant discount. It’s also backed by their 110% money-back guarantee.

There is a one-time account activation fee. The only time you’d have to pay it again is if your monthly subscription was expired for 30 days or the annual subscription was expired for more than 180 days. The monthly fees range from $8 to $37, monthly to a 4-year membership. Angie’s List does offer a trial membership with no obligation.

To become a member, simply click “Join” and provide your zip code, e-mail address, and a password.

Angie’s List was started by Angie Hicks in Columbus, Ohio in 1995. Since then, the web site has grown national with over 1,000,000 consumers using the site every day. You can search online, by phone or fax for the service you want and receive details in the consumer reports such as reviews, who’ve they’ve previously worked for in your area, the type of work they did, prices, timeliness, and their professionalism. Companies and professionals only receive a rating after members have submitted a report and graded their services. You can also search eco-friendly companies.

Companies and professionals are not allowed to pay to be at the top of a list, but they can advertise if they have an average rating of A or B. The advertisement can only be in the form of a discount to members and if their rating falls below a B, the offer to advertise is revoked.

Angie’s List will only remove reports if the report is fraudulently posted, the person who posted it removes it, or the report was a successful part of the Complaint Resolution Team. Reports do have to meet certain posting guidelines and Angie’s List will review reports, but will not prevent negative reports. Angie’s List will ask for clarification of reports and then post them.

The site also offers a list of resources to use besides consumer reports for health care provisions. Another feature of this web site includes The Big Deal. The Big Deal is a daily deal offered by a particular business. If enough people request the service, they will receive an e-mail telling them so, but if not, they will receive an e-mail informing them so and that their credit cards were not charged.

Angie’s List is an affordable, top-rated site that allows members to choose the best service companies and professionals in their area. Members and non-members can review the services and grade the companies on the jobs they did.

Overall, if you have multiple projects in mind, this is the site to find the right hire.

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